Monique Bouchard stands on a park bench in West Market Square and speaks to a tour group. (Lillie James photo)
Monique Bouchard as Madame History stands in the doorway of the Bangor Public Library

Come walk with Madame History!

Madame History offers private walking tours of historic Bangor, Maine, and the surrounding area.

Madame History brings the past to life with unique and entertaining excursions, events, and educational experiences.

Public tours are offered in partnership with the Bangor Historical Society.

Whether you’re a “resident Mainah” or you’re “just visiting,” you’ll learn about the region’s history and gain a better understanding of how it shaped today’s Maine.

I’m Monique Bouchard, a historical interpreter, tour guide, and presenter —and quite possibly the Bangor region’s most “notorious” tour guide.

Locally, I’m best known for my costumed tours in which I portray the renowned (and “notorious”) Madame Fan Jones, the owner of the infamous Sky Blue House of Pleasure in Bangor, Maine. My signature walking tours are filled with stories of drama and vice set in the 19th-century legendary “lumber capital of the world.” Fancy Fan was known as Bangor’s most notorious Madame, and thus, Madame History was born.

I’d love to show you around.

Let’s Step Through Time Together!

2023 Tours


Walking tours for 2023 include Downtown Bangor’s Devil’s Half Acre, and two tours of Mount Hope: Grave Matters and Over the Hills.

Workshops & Etc.


Madame History brings the past to your school or group, presenting Maine history in a vibrant, catchy, and memorable way.

Victorian style laced boot line drawing
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