Photo of peregrine falcon sitting on Adams grave monument at Mt. Hope Cemetery

Historic Mount Hope Cemetery

Grave Matters Walking Tour: Graveyard Iconography of Bangor’s Historic Mount Hope

Two Gave Matters tours are offered of Mount Hope Cemetery, one that keeps to flat ground and another that involves climbing the steep hills and granite staircases of the grounds.

Where the Paths are Wide, 75-90 minutes on paved, flat pathways.

O’re the Hills, 90-120 minutes on paved paths, hills, granite stairs, dirt, and grass.

How to book: Arrange a private tour by contacting me via email to schedule or by calling (207) 200-1583 and leaving a message.

Ever walked through a graveyard and wondered, “Is that a skull and crossbones? Why does that have a weeping willow? Why does that one have green stains on it? And what are all those urns about anyway?”

The style and iconography of memorials tell us many things about the lives and hopes of the people whom they remember.

If you’ve ever wanted to understand what the stones are saying, this is the tour for you!

We’ll walk through Bangor’s beautiful Mount Hope Cemetery, the nation’s second-oldest garden cemetery. Consecrated in 1834, the cemetery is home to monuments and gravestones from the late 1700s to the modern-day.

This all-ages walking tour focuses on the monuments and the stories they tell all by themselves.

Currently, tour is offered by private arrangement only.

a gravestone with a weeping willow icon in Mt. Hope Cemetery Bangor





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