Monique Bouchard stands on a park bench in West Market Square and speaks to a tour group. (Lillie James photo)

Devil’s Half Acre Walking Tour of Downtown Bangor

Devil’s Half Acre Walking Tour of Downtown Bangor

Support the Bangor Historical Society by walking the streets of Bangor’s historic downtown with Madam Fan Jones, as she shares tales of the drama and vice of the 19th century “lumber capital of the world.”

How to Book: Public group tours are offered in partnership with the Bangor Historical Society.

During the great lumber boom of the 1800s, the city of Bangor, Maine was famous for its wealth, refinement, and industry –and a good deal of vice and violence. Join the city’s notorious Madam Fan Jones, proprietress of the Sky Blue House of Pleasure, on a stroll through Bangor’s historic downtown, as she shares true and dramatic tales of the people and events that shaped the 19th-century “lumber capital of the world.” 

To arrange a private tour, contact me via email to schedule!

The Bangor Historical Society also offers other fantastic tours on the Great Fire of 1911, Bangor’s Historic Architecture, Historic Homes of Broadway, Lumber Barons of Bangor, and more, as well as fantastic programming year-round!





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